Dickinson School of Law

Dickinson School of Law

We love working on projects that are full of variety. This was certainly true with a project for Penn State’s Dickinson School Of Law in Carlisle, PA.

We were contacted by a local ad agency for a two-day shoot that was to include lifestyle images, environmental portraits, and some architecture photography. The idea was to create a feeling of what life was like for a Dickinson Law student. That included not only lifestyle portraits of students around campus as they studied and participated in classroom lectures, but also capturing images of students as they met and socialized at a coffee shop in the nearby town.  The project was shot in the fall, and we really wanted to give it that cool-weather, back-to-school feel.

One of the main uses of the images was going to be on the Dickinson Law website. With that in mind, we wanted to create some dramatic wide-angle images that would look engaging when used as web banners and headers.

Here are a few snapshots of what we came away with. If you had a project idea, or wanted to see more of our work in the education field, get in touch! We would love to chat.

Photographed by Donovan Roberts Witmer