Iron & Wood

Iron & Wood

I love personal projects. It gives you the opportunity to let your creativity out of the box, and simply capture something that you are passionate about.  One of these personal projects was a recent series on an amazing local artist, Nathan Bucher of Iron & Wood.


Nathan is truly a master craftsman. He has a wonderful imagination that allows him to see vision and potential for old and discarded items, and turn them into something useful and beautiful.  We started our day with Nathan by observing him as he picked through piles of rusty metal and aged timbers, carefully selecting and measuring as he sought out his next piece. We then had the privilege to follow along in his workshop, as he began the process of bringing his vision to life.

The workshop was amazing! All the images were captured with all natural light, which there was plenty of. The smells, wood shavings, tools that had been used hard for years…all came together to create an amazing experience. We also had the chance to step inside of his home and see some of the pieces he created being used in the way they were intended.

For more about Iron & Wood and Nathan’s creations, visit their website.

Jeremy Hess, The Premise Studio