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Lancaster City Renovation – Longview Structures

When it comes to an extensive home renovation project, there are certainly many monumental and exciting steps to the process. What gets us excited?  When we have an opportunity to join in this process for one of the most thrilling parts: admiring the finished product!


This was especially true with a recent Lancaster City home renovation that was brought to life by Longview Structures.

This home was nestled in a quaint side street in Lancaster’s west side. As with most city homes, storage and square footage is a premium.  Longview was tasked with finding a way to create maximum storage in a small space, and as you can see from the images, they accomplished just that.

The level of detail in this space was outstanding! As we began to document it, we wanted to make sure that we were creating images that captured the life that this space holds, while at the same time showcasing the incredible detail and craftsmanship. The amount of natural light that the design showcases is stunning.  (See descriptions below) We opted to photograph mid-morning, to catch those beautiful morning rays, in attempt to accurately capture all the amazing light that brought this space to life.

For more info on Longview Structures, check out their website: www.longviewstructures.com.