Baking With Whole Grains

Baking With Whole Grains: Valerie Baer Cookbook

Over the past several years we have had the opportunity to photograph several different cookbook productions for various different cuisines.  But we wanted to give you a look at one particular cookbook we photographed with Valerie Baer; Baking With Whole Grains.

With props and surfaces, our natural light studio served as an obvious choice for the finished product images. We worked with food and prop stylist Bonne DiTomo in studio to create the tabletop recipe images.  However, another aspect of this book was done on-location, to give more of that in-kitchen feel. Valerie invited us into her home and gave us a peak into her process of curating delicious but healthy recipes.  As we photographed, we wanted to capture images that gave the reader a true sense of the touch and techniques that  go into the recipes they are learning to make.  Photos of the finished product can be inspiring, and the book certainly includes many of those, but we wanted to showcase the in-between moments.

The result was a great publication that was easy to understand, and full of Valerie’s personality. If you were interested in picking up a copy of the hardcover cookbook, you can find it here.

Images by Jeremy Hess.