The foundation of every great brand is a great story.

We exist to help you communicate your story through captivating still and motion imagery.

Why “The Premise”?

At The Premise Studio, we believe that the foundation beneath all great endeavors – and the people who pursue them – is a lifetime full of adventures, lessons, events, successes, failures and influential people. These are the building blocks that shape and mold every step. The foundation of your story is the premise — the “why?” that is rooted in the past and sets the direction for the present and future.  We believe in the value and power of the human story to connect brands to their audience in a genuine way.

Meet The Team

Our Story

For the past 13 years, Jeremy Hess and Donovan Roberts Witmer have been capturing compelling images for clients in Lancaster and across the East Coast. In 2012 Donovan transitioned from his career as a magazine editor, creative director and staff photographer to join the commercial division of the Jeremy Hess Photographers’ team. In the years since that transition, Jeremy and Donovan have had the privilege of partnering with local, regional, and national brands to create compelling visuals.

It became clear in 2015 that the time was right to create a new brand solely devoted to sharing and growing our commercial work. At our core we are visual communicators. When we partner with advertising agencies, businesses, and clients, it is our goal to create the tools they need to communicate their message confidently with their audience.

As we launch this new identity, we are excited to introduce video and film production to the services that we offer. While the medium for communication may be different, the principles at the core remain the same. We look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside brands and business as we create films and videos that get to the heart of what makes them great.